Monday, September 28, 2015

An Honorable Man

An honorable man gets up early and goes to work even though he has done so all week, and he's tired.
An honorable man serves a community that can care less, a mayor that does not understand the depth and gravity and danger of his job, and a general public that second-guesses anything and everything that he and his colleagues are called to do.
An honorable man does so with patience---for they know not what they do---and only in the privacy of his home, shakes his head at the chaos that surrounds.
I am proud to be married to an honorable man. So many members of  the NYPD are just like him, but they are not the ones that the media seeks.
It's a shame.
New York City hosted the UN General Assembly last week, we received a visit from Pope Francis, Yom Kippur fell on Wednesday, Eid on Thursday...and the President came to town yesterday.
It was a long, hard, tiring week for the NYPD.
In the midst of all these events, there was massive coverage needed in so many streets and avenues. So much so that the Police Academy took the recruits out onto the streets and had them doing things like directing traffic, and providing support for the long-standing members of the NYPD. The recruits are fresh and new, and I would hazard a guess a bit intimidated by the other cops. During one of his details, my husband saw a young recruit in the midst of a busy intersection seeming a bit overwhelmed. When my husband approached him, he saluted him, and gave him the "Yes Sir" treatment.
My husband asked the kid when was the last time he had a break?
It had been a while.
My husband then told the kid to go take a break, grab a coffee...take a personal minute. He remembers all too well that feeling: of being new, overwhelmed, and eager to do the best possible job.
The kid was surprised and grateful. My husband then jumped into the intersection and took over for about fifteen minutes.
Because that's what an honorable man does.

Friday, September 11, 2015

#Never Forget

Photo from
I could hashtag this day to death:
But the bottom-line truth is that it is a mere caption of the way
I feel today.
It feels surreal.
I chose this shot today because I like the idea of Lady Liberty
seemingly looking over at the lights. 
Perhaps she's weeping too.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Unlike so many other union jobs across the country, Police Officers are generally not allowed to stage a walkout, or take any other form of action in order to express their upset with the job. If things suck, if the politics are against you...if you have a mayor of a big city who is supposed to be your advocate but generally does not have a clue...there's not a whole lot you can do on the face of it.
You go to work; you serve those who least deserve your time and effort, you deal with endless public scrutiny, and then you go home and allow your family to provide you with a soft place to land.
Of course, when Police Officers across America are getting slaughtered left and right, you deal with a level of frustration that most of us---at any job---rarely have to deal with.
It occurred to me yesterday that most Officers probably feel that their hands are tied. Where is their voice, as another Officer outside of Chicago makes the ultimate sacrifice?
Wouldn't it be great if the bloviating politicians of the day chose to make a statement, and come out hard and say "NO MORE?"
Wouldn't it be a revelation if every single security detail of every single politician in America declared a massive walkout, leaving these people that we have elected left to fend for themselves?
Wouldn't it be fabulous if Lt. Charles Joseph "Joe" Gliniewicz was not shot dead yesterday? Wouldn't it be amazing if this man was not the twenty-fourth law enforcement death this calendar year?
Wouldn't it be a different world if police were in fact allowed to police?
What would the day look like? Would it be different if four boys woke up today to an intact family, instead of planning their father's funeral?
I bet it would. I bet any amount of money that if Blue Lives Mattered...really mattered to those who are supposed to have the back of yours and mine...I bet that we wouldn't need the slogan to begin with...and that our world would be a better place today.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Chaos Reigns Supreme

It began with a march---in his honor---and ended with a protest, that eventually led to gunfire.
That was Ferguson, Missouri yesterday.
Last weekend, there were ten shooting incidents in the City.
That was New York City, in case you hadn't heard.
If you seek out the Officer Down Memorial Page, you will find that there are already 71 Line of Duty deaths recorded for the year 2015.
And although some of those were vehicle-related accidents, there are far too many attributed to gunfire.
When chaos reigns supreme, this is in fact the result.
And I for one find it disgusting and disheartening. Where are the politicians, standing up for those who stand in the line of fire? They're busy worrying about their image...or the next election...or what will sound best, parsing their words in the politically correct world that we live in today.
And until everyone is sick enough...nothing will change.

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